Congratulations to all of our badge earners from #SELday 2021. We look forward to launching new opportunities to earn badges next year.


# Name
1 Thomas SantoThomas Santo
2 Counselor MooreCounselor Moore
3 MrsJackyNKPMrsJackyNKP
4 Hillsborough County Public Schools @HCPS_SELHillsborough County Public Schools @HCPS_SEL
5 FUNtazia InternationalFUNtazia International
6 SEL ArmySEL Army
7 SPARK Mentoring ProgramsSPARK Mentoring Programs
8 Elaine HarperElaine Harper
10 Josh 6seconds.orgJosh
11 Positive School SolutionsPositive School Solutions
12 Meyerland Middle SchoolMeyerland Middle School
13 Dadams_SELDadams_SEL
14 Mrs. J from Palmyra NJ SchoolsMrs. J from Palmyra NJ Schools
15 The Social ExpressThe Social Express
16 LIV - Laboratório Inteligência de VidaLIV - Laboratório Inteligência de Vida
17 Butler Public SchoolsButler Public Schools
18 Martin Goldman Edison High SchoolMartin Goldman Edison High School
19 He Dog SchoolHe Dog School
21 Shannon WanlessShannon Wanless
22 | | Japan
23 HISD SEL DepartmentHISD SEL Department
24 Toni ViolettiToni Violetti
25 Mrs. TreonMrs. Treon
26 Tre GammageTre Gammage
27 Aldine ISDAldine ISD
28 D75 Super StarsD75 Super Stars
29 Aperture EducationAperture Education
30 Devereux Center for Resilient ChildrenDevereux Center for Resilient Children
31 DRA LeadershipDRA Leadership
32 Tracey MaidenTracey Maiden
33 Karin StumpfKarin Stumpf
34 SEL World Leaders FB GroupSEL World Leaders FB Group
35 Mrs. BalsbaughMrs. Balsbaugh
36 Panorama EducationPanorama Education
37 Savvy SchoolsSavvy Schools
38 hearthstory edhearthstory ed
39 xSEL LabsxSEL Labs
40 Lauren M.Lauren M.
41 CharlesOlbonWPCharlesOlbonWP
42 SuperDvilleSuperDville
43 CentroNiaCentroNia
44 RiversideRiverside
46 Meyerland MSMeyerland MS
47 PsychCircularPsychCircular
48 Darlene Farrace-ProttDarlene Farrace-Prott
50 Aimee GallantAimee Gallant


Announce SEL Day to your networks via email or social media


Write an article that introduces SEL, demonstrates SEL practice, or advocates for SEL for a newspaper, magazine, or journal and reference #SELDay

Blog Post

Write a blog post that introduces SEL, demonstrates SEL practice, or advocates for SEL and reference #SELDay

Community Activity

Organize an SEL day activity for your community


Donate to an SEL organization


Host an SEL Day event to help others learn about SEL

Family Activity

Organize an SEL day activity for families

Letter to the Editor

Write a letter to the editor that introduces SEL, demonstrates SEL practice, or advocates for SEL and reference #SELDay

News Media

Organize a media story that mentions SEL Day

Podcast Episode

Create or participate on a podcast and reference #SELday

Policymaker Contact

Contact policymakers via phone or email to advocate for policies and funding that support SEL

Policymaker Engagement

Engage policymakers with a meeting, SEL site visit, or other event to learn about SEL


Deliver a presentation to help others learn about social emotional learning in honor of SEL Day

Press Release

Issue a press release to announcement your participation in SEL Day


Organize municipal, state, or national policymakers to write a proclamation for SEL Day


Organize your local school board to write a resolution to priorize SEL

School Activity

Organize an SEL day activity for your school

Social Media

Mention #SELday at least 10 times on your social media or change your social media profile picture to promote SEL Day

Social Media Influencer

Get a social media influencer with more than 10,000 followers to post about #SELday


Create a 3-5 minute video that introduces SEL, demonstrates SEL practice, or advocates for SEL, that references #SELday and post it to social media