SEL DAY 2023 SUMMIT: State Highlight

California Dreamin’ of Social-Emotional Wellbein’

Looking for a practical, engaging and entertaining session? This impressive panel discussion led by Mark Sparvell features the trailblazing Goldie Hawn, Michael Funk from CDE, Dr Kim Schonert-Reichl, Dr Jacqueline Sanderlin, and explores all the latest on SEL research and practice from these prominent leaders in the fields of SEL and education.


  • Michael Funk, Director of Expanded Learning Division, California Department of Education
  • Goldie Hawn, Founder and CEO, MindUP
  • Dr. Jacqueline Sanderlin, k12 National Education Leadership Executive Manager, Apple
  • Dr. Kim Schonert-Reichl, NoVo Foundation Endowed Chair in Social and Emotional Learning, University of Illinois Chicago