SEL DAY 2023 SUMMIT: State Highlight

Pathways for Social Emotional Learning in Montana – Combing Advocacy with Grassroots Efforts

SEL4MT has engaged in targeted advocacy that focuses on establishing a clear narrative regarding the need and benefits of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). This narrative consists of the connections that exist between SEL and Career and College Readiness competencies. An additional message focuses on the need for local control as outlined by the Montana constitution. These messages have been drafted as a toolkit to share with various stakeholders; legislatures, superintendents, administrators, school board members, educators, parents, and students. This session will highlight Montana’s unique journey in establishing the need for SEL at all levels (elementary school, middle school, high school, and university).


  • Ryder Delaloye, Social, Emotional, Ethical Learning (SEE Learning)
  • Melissa Tovaas, School Services of Montana