SEL DAY 2023 SUMMIT: State Highlight

Wellness Spaces on New Mexico PreK-12 School Campuses

There is a “mini-explosion” of wellness rooms going on in different parts of the U.S. SEL4NM, with the support of the LOR Foundation, completed a research project about wellness spaces on New Mexico school campuses. The results of this study have provided an opportunity for SEL4NM to highlight social, emotional learning through recommendations on implementation of wellness spaces to state policy and educational leaders, organizations who support educational efforts, and school community members. Participants will review the information from the research to increase their understanding of wellness spaces. Participants will also have an opportunity to discuss their own experiences with wellness space and/or how they might utilize the recommendations from this study to support wellness spaces as an strategy to enhance mental, social and emotional wellbeing.


  • Soña Saiz, LCSW, Ph.D., Lead Team Member, SEL4NM, Coordinator of Mental Health, Academic Counseling, Las Cruces Public Schools
  • Amy McConnell Franklin, Ph.D., MPH, MEd., Founding Co-Chair, SEL4NM
  • Lynne McMahan, Leadership Team, SEL4NM
  • Erin Armijo, Primary Teacher, Desert Willow Family School, APS