SEL Day Showcase 2020

Your efforts across the world helped SEL Day reach almost two million people! During the week of March 20–27, 2020 we collectively shared our #SELday hashtag with 1,998,472 people. That’s through the incredible efforts of all of you. Check out the proclamations, media, resources and featured posts that participants contributed.

Geographic Reach

People signed up for SEL Day from all 50 U.S. states and 35 countries on six continents. We saw social media posts in the United States, Canada, Austria, United Kingdom, Honduras, India, Kuwait, Pakistan, Spain, Latvia, Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia, Bangladesh, Iceland, and Netherlands.

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Today is International SEL Day. Social Emotional Learning – something we are all struggling with as we learn to empathize and care for our fellow humans during this life-altering shared experience. And kids are feeling the same anxiety and uncertainty #SELday #SEL4US #SEL4CA

On #SELday, let’s not forget that social and emotional learning are *essential* skills that help students succeed in school, at work, and in life.
In honor of #SELDay, provide students with the tools to counter hate through the power of testimony. Encourage your middle & high schoolers to expand their creative storytelling skills & enter the #StrongerthanHateChallenge @USCShoahFdn 
What do you have #gratitude for today on #SELday? Let us know, we’ll RT the best ones!
This Friday, March 27th is SEL Day and you can participate from home using some of the activities below. We encourage you to share examples on Twitter with the hashtags #SELday #SEL #HISDatHome @SELHISD
Using empathy skills online is integral for helping kids become responsible digital citizens. Here are three ways teachers can give students practice using empathy online — just like they would in face-to-face situations #SELDay #digcit
Wise words! “I AM CALM… I AM CALM… I AM CALM” For more information about social-emotional learning visit: #SELday #SEL
 Today is #SELday. We support Social Emotional Learning at school & are now extending this support to everyone at home.
With #socialdistancing due to the #COVID19 crisis, relationships look different but they’re more important than ever. Read “3 Ways to Keep Students Engaged in Social Emotional Learning from Home” on our blog. #SELday #SEL #StartWithHello #SaySomething

The stress families are experiencing is unimaginable and especially hard on our kids. Social emotional learning (SEL) skills will help get them through. Here are some tools to help your kids learn how to cope during the unexpected. #SELDay

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