Sponsor SEL Day 2022

Support the Largest Grassroots Campaign for SEL in 2022

As we prepare to launch the third annual International SEL Day—Finding common ground, Pursuing common good—on March 21, 2022, we are thrilled to once again empower a grassroots campaign for SEL that will reach millions of people worldwide.  

Sponsors play an integral role in the success of SEL Day and helping more children access social-emotional health and well-being. As a sponsor you will:

  • Highlight your commitment to SEL by supporting the only global grassroots SEL campaign with an audience of over 12 million views.
  • Generate leads from a large audience of decision makers at 2,500+ schools, districts and youth-serving organizations.
  • Strengthen your brand through repeated touch points via multiple channels through March 2022.

Interested? Review the SEL Day 2022 Sponsorship Prospectus for sponsorship levels and benefits and contact us at sponsorship@selday.org to learn more and sign up to sponsor.

SEL DAY 2021 Sponsors


Sanford College of Education (SCOE) at National University and affiliates Harmony SEL and Inspire Teaching & Learning provide educators, students, and families with SEL education and support. SCOE offers a master’s degree in social and emotional learning and free online SEL Playbooks to address the needs of today’s learners. Accessible online and at no cost, Harmony is a CASEL SELect curriculum in more than 30,000 schools worldwide. Also offered at no cost, Inspire supports educators through university partnerships and online professional development. These programs help to ensure that every student feels part of a safe, supportive learning community and that every teacher is equipped to create inclusive and engaging learning opportunities.


EDC works with districts, agencies, and organizations like yours, providing SEL expertise and designing tools that meet the unique needs of your students and staff. For over 40 years, EDC has helped educators, families, and leaders foster young people’s SEL skills—reaching all 50 states and many countries. Our experts are ready to help you assess your current systems of SEL and mental health supports, identify gaps and opportunities to strengthen structures and processes, implement evidence-based programs and practices, and build a data-driven, multi-tiered system of SEL and mental health supports. Learn more about EDC SEL and mental health approaches that can benefit your community.

Panorama Education partners with K-12 schools and districts across the country to collect and analyze data about social-emotional learning, school climate, family engagement, and more. With research-backed surveys and a leading technology platform, Panorama helps educators act on data and improve student outcomes. Panorama supports more than 10 million students in 17,000 schools and 1,500 districts across 49 states, including those in the New York City Department of Education, Dallas Independent School District, Seattle Public Schools, and San Francisco Unified School District. To learn more about Panorama Education, visit www.panoramaed.com.

QuaverSEL presents an innovative approach to social and emotional learning that focuses on the unique needs of PreK-5 students, and the educators who support them. Our fully-online curriculum aligns to the five CASEL competencies. Resources include engaging songs, stories, and activities to meet the needs of all students.

The Quinnipiac University School of Education is committed to empowering educators with the skills and strategies needed to ensure positive learning outcomes for all students. Quinnipiac offers a variety of on-campus and online graduate education programs, including a first of its kind Certificate in Social and Emotional Learning and School Climate. This fully online graduate certificate emphasizes the importance of social and emotional learning in the modern classroom. As a student in program, you will gain hands-on experience in developing and implementing an SEL-based action plan to produce positive, lasting change in your school. Visit qu.edu/education to learn more and get started.

Founded in 2007, Rethink Ed is an educational technology company that's transforming the way teachers and students learn, grow, develop, and succeed— in school and in life. Rethink Ed helps school districts end the struggle to create healthy, positive cultures of learning to bring out the best in administrators, teachers, students, and parents. With evidence-based learning solutions, technology-based tools and resources, and on-demand video instruction created by a team of educational and clinical experts, Rethink Ed’s SEL platform is changing the world one student, one teacher, one classroom at a time.

Brought to you by Committee for Children, the Second Step® family of programs are rooted in SEL and help transform schools into supportive, successful learning environments uniquely equipped to help students thrive. Combining classroom SEL programs for Early Learning through Grade 8 with new offerings for out-of-school time and SEL for adults, the Second Step family of programs can help you and your communities create brighter futures for kids everywhere.

WINGS equips at-risk kids with the social emotional skills to succeed in school, stay in school, and thrive in life because we believe in a world where there is equity in academics, opportunity, and emotional well-being for all kids, regardless of socioeconomic status. Since 1996, WINGS has served thousands of kids; today, we provide high-quality social emotional education through direct-service after school programs across the Southeast and 40+ partnership school and out-of-school-time program sites nationwide. WINGS also provides virtual SEL professional development, lesson plans, classroom activities, virtual field trips, home activities, and more to 90,000+ educators and 2.5 million children across the United States.