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In some spaces, SEL is seen as a form of oppression, in others it’s viewed as radical. In this polarized context, can social emotional learning be a lever to advance justice & equity? Join pioneering educators and leaders in a robust and uplifting dialogue about what’s needed, and what’s working, to create SEL that serves all of us as it advances a just and equitable future.

March 8, 2024, 10:00-10:50 AM EST

Since 1903, when public school athletics started in NYC, schools and districts have used a 19th century model for sports teams that institutionalized a power balance between coach and student, that considered blind obedience as an attribute, and was training students for factory work and the Army, This presentation will offer a 21st century model that includes a written, social emotional learning, and sport psychology curriculum to guide students, coaches and parents. It would have all teams, players,and coaches on the same SEL/sport psychology page throughout the district, at same time, influencing youth leagues.

March 8, 2024, 11:00-11:50 AM EST

SEL advocates and youth leaders from around the globe are grappling with the next pandemic: Wellbeing. Why is SEL growing around the world, and how does it work in international contexts? Join experts and youth leaders from UNICEF/UN & Six Seconds in a lively discussion that will expand your perspective and offer both challenge & hope for the future.

Students and educators join us in mastering SEL promotion using perspectives from the younger generation itself. First, learn from a 19-year-old expert in understanding the digital world and how to use highly effective social media methods as a tool to mobilize student action for SEL. Then hear the firsthand perspective from SEL-experienced high school students on how to inspire middle and high schoolers to desire SEL and act to obtain it, including by spreading the message in school, at home, and to others via social media.

March 8, 2024, 1:00-1:50 PM EST

Societal norms have evolved since the Victorian era adage children should be seen and not heard.  However, there are students with diverse identities, varied interests and differing backgrounds, abilities and perspectives who feel their voices are not heard or valued in their school community to this very day.  This interactive workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to reflect upon their daily practice of engaging and empowering the voices of all students within their own school community and share best practices to empower students, enhance student voice and develop meaningful relationships.  Students will also share their thoughts about the impact and outcomes of being included and involved in the decision-making process and the shaping of their school culture and climate.

Colleges and universities are in the midst of dramatic changes and challenges as the needs of students, businesses, and societies are evolving rapidly. The SEL needs are mounting as institutions grapple with supporting students, faculty/staff and their communities in the face of all the complexity. What’s needed, what’s working, what’s next? Join pioneers and changemakers including Drs. Tim Eatman (Rutgers) & Ashley Finley (AAC&U) plus higher ed leaders from around the globe.

March 8, 2024, 3:00-3:50 PM EST

Aridyan (a-re-de-yan) Perez (She/Her) is a thriving example of how SEL can help youth today become leaders of tomorrow. Aridyan is a former Common Ground High School, New Haven, CT, alumna, Class of 2016. She is now the Communication and Design Specialist at the Connecticut Network for Children and Youth (CTNCY). This Q&A session will allow participants to learn how Aridyan used and applied SEL skills to develop her Senior Project in high school and continue to develop these skills in college to prepare her for life outside of school.

Join us for this all-student panel session to hear directly from students as to the current challenges they are facing and how their schools are (or should be) addressing issues related to: mental health, school safety and climate, DEI, college and career readiness, SEL, life-skills, social media, and more.

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