Toolkits to help you showcase, promote, advocate for and support SEL in your local school, organization and community.

Showcase SEL

Blog Post

template for writing an article or blog post and suggestions for where to publish it

Letter to the Editor

template for writing a letter to the editor of a local paper and suggestions getting it published

coming soon!


guidelines for creating a brief video and suggestions for content to include

Podcast Episode

content ideas for a podcast episode and suggestions for where to publish

coming soon!

Promote SEL

SEL Day Announcement

spread the word about SEL Day via email and social media and encourage people to sign up to participate

Press Kit

sample public relations kit for engaging local media, including sample press release, introduction letter, graphics, videos, and social media posts

coming soon!

Presentation Kit

presentation template for SEL learning event for community members or policymakers

Advocate for SEL

Policymaker Contact

template email to local policymaker to show your support for SEL


template email to local policymaker to request a proclamation in support of SEL

Policymaker Visit

ideas for meeting with policymakers to share your knowledge about SEL

coming soon!

Support SEL

SEL Day Activities

ideas for organizing an SEL Day event in your school, organization, or community